We will cancell the concert on October 25.

We will cancel the concert due to sudden circumstances of the performer. We are sorry for inconvenience.

Evening Concert Information of October (17:00~18:00)

We increased the number of concerts in October.

10/30(Wed) Grand piano

Evening Concert Information of August – October (17:00~18:00)

Responding to customer feedback, we increased the number of concerts in August.

8/8(Thu) Grand piano & melodica
8/13(Tue) Violin (& Grand piano / Violin)
8/14(Wed) Violin (& Grand piano / Violin)
8/25(Sun) Grand piano & Saxophone (Disney, movie music etc)

9/12(Thu) Grand piano & Electric piano duo
9/22(Sun) Violin (& Grand piano / Violin)
9/23(Mon, Public holiday) Grand piano & Vocal duo

10/6(Sun) Grand piano (& TBA)
10/18(Fri) Grand Piano & Guitar Duo

We will hold a free evening concert from 17:00 on Thursday, June 18.

Guitar instrument & vocal by Kazuma

We will hold a free evening concert with grand piano and violin from 17:00 on Sunday, March 24.


Waltz For Debby
Composed by Bill Evans

My Favorite Things
Composed by Richard Rodgers

and more…