Our hotel was introduced on Nippon TV.

Our hotel was introduced on program “Hirunandesu!” of Nippon TV.

Our hotel was introduced on BS TV Tokyo.

Our hotel was introduced on program of BS TV Tokyo.

Evening Concert Information of April – June (17:00~18:00)

4/12(Sun) Grand piano & Melodica
4/15(Wed) Grand piano & Vocal
4/24(Fri) Grand piano & Guitar

5/10(Sun) Grand piano & Cajon
5/27(Wed) Grand piano & Vocal
5/31(Sun) Grand piano & Cello

6/8(Mon) Grand piano & Flute
6/11(Thu) Grand piano & Electric piano
6/18(Thu) Grand piano
6/28(Sun) Grand piano

Evening Concert Information of February – March (17:00~18:00)

2/9(Sun)Grand piano

2/21(Fri) Grand piano, Flute

2/26(Wed) Grand piano

3/8(Sun) Grand piano & Saxophone

3/27(Fri) Grand piano

Additional Evening Concert Information of January (17:00~18:00)

1/7(Tue) Grand piano by KENTARO OTSUKA

We will deliver a superb healing space with the theme of the fusion of beautiful Japanese nature and music.

Since 2017, KENTARO OTSUKA has provided the in-flight song “For the future of tomorrow” of Hokkaido’s wing “AIRDO”.

~ Free for all guests. Please come by all means.

Evening Concert Information of November – January (17:00~18:00)

11/10(Sun) Grand piano & more
11/28(Thu) Grand piano

12/6(Fri) Vocal & Grand piano
12/15(Sun) Grand piano & more
12/29(Sun) Grand piano & more

1/16(Thu) Grand piano & more
1/23(Thu) Grand piano
1/26(Sun) Grand piano & Violin & Vocal

We will cancell the concert on October 25.

We will cancel the concert due to sudden circumstances of the performer. We are sorry for inconvenience.